How to Get World of Warcraft’s Rare Baa’l Battle Pet

Data miners have found this adorable goat-like battle pet during the expansion’s alpha and beta testing. It might’ve been mistaken as a WoW mount, but it’s a battle pet. Players have scoured the game to figure out how to get it. Alas, their efforts have thus far proven unsuccessful. That is until the official release came around. They took a few weeks to figure it out, and now you don’t have to.

To get Baa’l, you have to go around KulTiras and Zandalar, collecting pebbles along the way. They’re in hidden or out-of-the-way spots, so this guide will come in handy. Keep in mind that the numbers in parentheses are coordinates to help you locate the objects or entrances.

The Scavenger Hunt

Start hunting for the pebbles in Nazmir. By the Heart of Darkness, there is a note hidden on top of the citadel (51 59). Get to it by jumping off a bridge (46 54) nearby using a glider and walk to the note. The note should say ‘Begin at the beginning’.

The next location is at the Broken Shore. In Drak’thul’s hideout, there’s a table (37 71) where one of the Kosumoth Orbs is located. One of the pebbles on it is a light color, and you can interact with it. When you do, a prompt will show up saying, ‘An ordinary pebble, unremarkable in every way’. If Drak’thul is standing on the table, wait for him to move away. Otherwise, drink an invisibility potion, stand on top of him, and angle the camera down.

Another pebble to collect is at the Hook Point in Boralus. There’s a cave behind some nets (49 40) and the pebble is near the end of it. Because of its light coloring, it shouldn’t be hard to miss. On this pebble and all pebbles after, no prompts will appear. If you need the assurance, there are macros that keep track for you. Be sure to check if you’ve really collected them when using one.

There’s also one in Atal’dazar in Zuldazar. Go to the non-instanced version by heading to the right of the dungeon portal. Keep your eyes peeled as it’s rather hard to find. You have to follow a path up, behind a waterfall, behind a golden ruin, glide down a cliff and land near a cave hidden by trees. The pebble is near the entrance, beside a wooden post and two other rocks. A video can show you the exact route.

A hidden cave behind the waterfall in GolOsigr, Drustvar hides a pebble as well. Climb the mountain near Arom’s Strand, find the top part of the waterfall (36 53), and jump down. There’s an effigy inside, and the pebble is in its eye.

A Clatterback guards the next pebble. By the tortollan settlement in Tortaka Refuge, Vol’dun, jump down to the rocks from the Flightmaster, landing near a tree (63 21). There’s a small cave nearby that houses the creature. The pebble is hidden among the rocks near it.

After that, sail to the island near the Shrine of the Storm in Stormsong Valley. The pebble is a cave network, but the easiest entrance is under a canopy of trees (65 11). The pebble is in the middle section of the cave, on a wheelbarrow by a small pond.

Go diving in The South Seas for the next pebble. Within the fatigue zone next to Nazmir, a sunken ship (54 7) holds it. It is recommended to take supplies that increase swim speed or breath duration and the like to help you get there. You’ll find the pebble near a skull design on a window.

The Proudmoore Keep in Boralusholds the next pebble. Somewhere in the hedge maze, you’ll find cadets role-playing and an entrance hidden by some shrubbery (37 80). The pebble hides behind some barrels.

On the Western Watch in Drustvar, climb around the lighthouse to get to a cave. Mind the gaps as you do so! The pebble is actually well-hidden among the shrubbery around the entrance, not inside the cave.

Two pebbles are in Tiragarde Sound, one in a cave above Kennings Lodge(75 70), the other in a waterfall cave (80 19). Be careful in going to the first cave, as it is filled with undetectable hidden Clatterbacks. Make use of invisibility effects, or use crowd control skills as they rush you. The pebble is in a puddle of blood between a carcass and an ice block. In the waterfall cave, the pebble you need is under a scroll.

The second to the last pebble, if you’ve been following this guide, hides in an underwater cave near Boralus. Algae (10 82) conceals the entrance, as well as the pebble’s position. Some shrinking effects can make interacting with it easier.

The last pebble rests in the ocean, way off the coast of Vol’dun(55 -10). It’s past the fatigue zone and deep underwater. The pebble’s right at the entrance. Try to find a video showing where it is because words won’t be enough. When you’ve interacted with it, a prompt will appear with the words, ‘Heckler of the Murkiest Thugs, sheathe your Bat and remove the Keg Cork, Wot?’.

It’s an anagram, and solving it will reveal the phrases ‘Get back to work’ and ‘Kurgthuk the Merciless’. You’ll find the latter near a volcano (62 22). At this point, Baa’l waits in the middle of the volcano. Defeat him to gain the ability to summon him in battle. However, he’ll be almost impossible to defeat, unless you or someone else also trying to get him completely equips Uuna. She can weaken Baa’l for 15 minutes for everyone which makes it easy for any level 25 pet to beat him.

Enjoy Your New Battle Pet!

Baa’l can learn 6 skills as he levels up. Go and use him in your adventures! You’ve worked hard to get him. Just don’t mind his ramblings so much.

See you on the battlefields!

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